Sunday, January 1, 2012


    Most people want the New Year to be better than the past year.   In fact many people make New Year’s resolutions, with the best of intentions.  If you have a plan for meeting your resolutions or goals, you are more likely to be successful in reaching your goals.  You take them off the wish level and put them in action mode. 

     Setting SMART goals for 2012 will help you be successful in attaining your desired results.  Since I’m writing this blog primarily on the areas of health and fitness, that where I’ll focus my examples.

     What are SMART goals?  They are Specific, Measurable, Action based, Realistic, and Timely goals.  Here are a couple of examples of some short term SMART goals:

            Drink more water      Increase daily water intake by 1 glass of water each week until reaching 8 -8oz glasses of water every day, starting this Monday

            Exercise 3X every week    Meet 60 minutes with a personal trainer Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, working on cardiovascular fitness and strength training, reaching at least 65% of Maximum Heart Rate, beginning this Monday

     There is one more thing to think about when setting your SMART goals.  You are more likely to adhere to your plan if you actually like the activity, food, etc. in your goal.  So your goals really need to be yours; specifically tailored to you and what you like, need, and want.

     Get off to a SMART start in 2012!

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