Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fit for Life

Many times the people I meet with for coaching sessions prior to Personal Training assume that I was born the way I look today.  Well, really, I was 7 1/2 pounds and 21 inches long at birth.  Fairly average in size. I went through a pudgy childhood phase.  Fairly normal sized in the college years.  Then it happened.  I had two children and never really took off the pregnancy weight.  About a dozen years ago I did take off the weight.  Slowly but surely, I let it creep back on.

Three years ago I did take the weight off.  I took it nice and slow; a whole year.  I have kept it off for 2 years and have even changed careers as a result.  What's different about this time?  Well, anytime I have lost weight in the past, I have been on a diet and exercise plan.  Not too bad.  But what happened when you finish with the diet and exercise plan?  For me it was fall back into my old bad habits and gain the weight back.

This time I set out to change my whole lifestyle.  Exercise is a part of my daily life.  It includes cardiovascular fitness, strength training, and flexibility training.  Not all three every day, but throughout the week.  Finding activities I enjoy really helped cement the positive habits.  By engaging in these regular activities I am fit for the other activities of daily life:  gardening, cutting the grass, house cleaning, cooking, walking, hiking, geocaching, etc.

The other component of being fit for life involves a sensible eating lifestyle.  All of the macronutrients are good for you!  Eliminating or severely restricting one group may help you lose weight, but is NOT usually a lifestyle for a family, or one that you can maintain your whole life.  Appropriate percentages of carbohydrates (fiber loaded and refined sugar limited), fats ( mostly monounsaturated), and lean proteins are a part of my everyday food consumption.

Being fit for life feels good.  I feel strong, and able to tackle whatever comes my way.  Be the best you that you can be!

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